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Digital transformation is the holistic change process of business processes and technological tools to improve the business performance of companies and increase their share of the target market, in line with the opportunities offered by modern technology.

Many companies have not yet completed their digital transformation or have not yet introduced a transformation culture in their organizations that strives for constant change and improvement. However, companies are always planning end-to-end exchanges.

So how can companies accelerate their digital transformation? The answer lies in creating a vision of the future and consistently developing the technological and human capabilities that will enable you to achieve it.

Determining the current maturity level of the company

Identifying the company’s current organizational structure and business processes is the first and most important step for the future digital transformation plan. This phase determines whether there are technological tools that the company currently uses and to what extent it is ready for digital transformation.

Creating a digital transformation roadmap

After measuring the company’s current maturity level, a realistic roadmap is created that takes into account the company’s strategic goals and vision. This roadmap should allow for optimal use of organizational resources.

Digital transformation roadmap:

A digital transformation roadmap is a plan that proposes different alternatives and solutions you need in the present and in the future, taking into account your company’s current strategies, cost structures and workflows.


Determination of growth strategies


Identify technologies that align with your growth strategies


Integrating technologies into the business




Dissemination within the business


Ensuring the sustainability of the transformation

Elements of Digital Transformation




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