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Digital Transformation Consultancy

Get together with our consultancy team to learn your digital transformation roadmap that carries your business to the future.

Custom Software Development

Let's develop the technology meet the need of your business together with our expert software and UX design team.

Dera MES (Manufacturing Execution System)

Monitor the production of your factory, user-independent, review your performance, capacity utilization and quality reports at the end of the day. Improve your production capacity by increasing your productivity.

Dera BPM (Process Management System)

Manage your different business processes such as planning, purchasing, stock, sales, marketing, finance and human resources from end to end.


Discover Manufacturing Execution System with Web 3 Technology!

Manufacturing Execution System (MES) is the first step of the smart factory. Tkanks to MES solutions today factories increase their overall equipment efficiency and grow their production capacity without machine investment. With Dera MES with Web3 technology take a step to future!

Focus on Increase Efficiency

Dera Mes software helps you to increase your efficiency by processing all machine and employee data and presenting you with reports on shift hour and time recommendations, optimum downtime recommendations according to the maintenance needs of the machines, ensuring employee work compliance.Aynı zamanda çalışan verimliliklerini hesaplayarak doğru performans raporları çıkarmanıza olanak sağlar.